We are highly experienced financial professionals who focus holistically on improving financial outcomes for our clients.

We make the numbers work for you.

Davidson Fraser is a boutique business development firm specialising in providing excellent accounting services and business planning training and coaching. We believe the numbers tell a story – let us  guide you to become the author of your business story!

Meet Hector Bassett

Davidson Fraser was established in November 2009.  It came into being out of a dream and desire to create a business that would service clients in a unique way.  

Hector is the principal and director of Davidson Fraser, he has 30 years business experience, mostly in accountancy, including four years with Inland Revenue. The last 15 years have seen Hector working in public practice with business owners and investors.   

We have packaged some of our services to provide as much clarity as possible before we start working with our clients. The packages are a good starting point and we pride ourselves on working hard to get to know our clients so we can personalise and tailor our services to each client.

Meet Diane White


BBs (Accounting)

Di is a dedicated hard worker and a massive support to Davidson Fraser and our clients. Di handles the majority of accounting and tax work for clients and is incredibly reliable and resilient.

Married with four adult daughters, between looking after Davidson Fraser clients, she supports her daughters as and when required with everything from home renovations to helping them run their businesses to looking after the grandchildren.

Working remotely from her home in the Hawke's Bay, Di makes work / life balance look seamless.

Meet Marisa Thompson

Trainee Accountant

Marisa retrained as an Accountant in order to help others realise their business aspirations. Her desire to learn about finance started when she was a lab technician, she was sitting next to the CEO and thought to herself “what makes our lives so different?”, and realised it was that he had a vast knowledge of finance that he used in both his personal and business life, that motivated Marisa to want to learn more. 

Marisa was the Massey Business School's Promising Student Bursary Recipient 2020, and David Levine Foundation Bursary Recipient 2021, she is currently completing her final papers towards a Bachelor of Accountancy.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her son in the outdoors. She also has interests in the arts, photography, gardening and cooking.

Meet Holly Grimmer

Contract Project Manager

Holly holds a Bachelor in Business management and has worked across the sports and commercial industries.

She loves working with clients to help solve their problems, and streamline their work. Working with clients to help them understand their current challenges and come up with solutions to make their life easier is a true passion of hers.

Holly loves all things summer, being outdoors and spending time with her husband and daughter.