Let's look at the big picture

The numbers and, in particular, the cash flow are the pulse of any business. It is through generating the numbers that we can “test the pulse” of the business (is it strong, weak, acceptable, etc?); and put ourselves in an informed position to then make changes to improve desired outcomes.

Davidson Fraser will work with you to help you understand how cashflow works, what decisions and actions directly impact cashflow, and how. Our job is to highlight the financial drivers of your business, teach you what the right questions are to ask yourself / an advisor and help you stay focused on the decisions and actions that produce improved financial results for you.

Financial Services Package #1: Essential Care Numbers

In this fundamental package we take care of your required taxation reporting requirements: GST, Income Tax, PAYE, etc.  We take care of these details so you can focus on your business – most particularly, generating revenue. We complete an annual tax review and planning service to ensure tax efficiency.

Financial Services Package #2: Extra Care Numbers

This package centres on improving your financial performance, and includes our ‘Essential Care Numbers’ services plus our ‘Master Your Cash Flow’ (MYCF) planning process.

Tax Pains? We can help

We understand your pain of finding the right amount of cash to pay your taxes.  Income Tax, GST, PAYE and FBT… sometimes it feels like you are always and forever paying taxes. We can help alleviate that pain.

We will use our expertise and experience to guide you in paying no more tax than you absolutely need to. We will guide and encourage you to see taxes as a function of running a great, profitable business - versus perceiving them as a “burden”. We will also help you stay on-side with the Tax Department (Inland Revenue) - as well as help you plan to have the cash when you need it.

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Here's what our clients have to say

“My experience of working with Hector & Davidson Fraser has been extremely worthwhile. The process of implementing the Master Your Cash Flow format has not only been of benefit to my business but it has had a considerable impact on my personal growth & development. This is mostly because of Hector's immense passion for his work & his ability to instill self-belief & self-confidence. I have found the process much easier than expected & could see the benefits immediately. I would recommend Hector to any business wanting to follow a simple process to ensure they are achieving their goals.”
- Claire Maxwell, Pur Physiotherapy and Pilates (P3) Ltd